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 HNR (here now report) 8

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HNR (here now report) 8 Empty
PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 8   HNR (here now report) 8 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 2:15 pm

Day seven typo on last report should have read day six

Rp 8450

Up early breakfast, laundry Rp 21,000 then all in a Taxi Rp 32,000 down to Waterbom we are meeting K there at 0900. Now this is where it gets confusing:

It cost Rp 234,000 x 2 for my boys to get in. Over 12 is adult then K paid for himself with our money otherwise they charge us more for him. But he showed his hotel ID and got a discount and was only charged Rp 162,000 then I put the change of 1 million on the card. Lockers cost p 25,000 but there is a deposit of Rp 30,000 which you get back once you return the key. 3 towels are Rp 30,000 then the deposit of Rp 186,000 the arm band which you have your cash credit to costs Rp 5,000 and I forget the deposit then there was lunch the boys think it was 2 pizzas at Rp 53,000 each and one French fries at Rp 33,000 and then three soft drinks!

Footnote on the Waterbom in the past I have been able to pop in to see hubby to top up cash or what ever just leave my room key at reception and Waterbom staff are quite happy. But since June 2010 now no-one goes in no matter how briefly!!!!

Once they are safely inside I head over to Discovery and sit in Starbucks enjoying an ice coffee and pastry for Rp 62,500 waiting for Discovery to open. Had booked myself a nails appointment at 1000 (canít book before that as Discovery not open)so had to wait a while anyways!

Had nails done with Acrylic (refills) and then decided to have them painted and while I was sitting there decided to treat myself to a proper pedicure too. So spent the next 90 minutes enjoyed being spoilt. There was a lovely American Lady who lives in Indonesian sitting there and we a had a lovely chat! Now I have lovely matching toes and nails with beautiful flowers on my big toes. Rp 450,000. While Iím having my nails done I get a call from Mrs Pak my ring is ready. Yippy!!!

So across the road to collect my long awaited ring which is EVERYTHING I ever dreamed it could be. Itís wonderful I am soo happy with it! There is gold and diamonds left over so another smaller ring is commissioned!

Rp 103,000 later Rp 100,000 credit put on my phone. Also in a tiny mini market down from the Bali Rani bought a pair of reading glasses for hubby for Rp 43,000 just off the shelf; so maybe Honeyman is having a lend!

Walked into Marks & Sparks and 4 tops later. Rp 946,000 Jumped in a cab. Taxi to the Harris where I intend to collect two prepacked bags which I am delivering to Sanur to the Peneeda View to await our arrival in 8 days! Taxi as you can imagine is stoked! More than happy to drag me out to Sanur and back Rp 190,000 just about back at the Harris and notice Hubby heading down to Bobís bar so jump out and join him. Upgraded our room at the Peneeda view for Rp 1,288,000 for 14 nights.

Hubby has a foot massage at the beach for a change Rp 30,000 then drinks cost Rp 85,000 and add Rp 30,000 for two Bobís Bar stubby holders

After a late lunch for me back up to Hotel to Meet Honeyman who rings room at exactly 5 pm to say heís stuck in the village due to rain he will be there tomorrow at 9am. Since we are due to leave for the airport about them we are hoping that heíll be able to make it! On the way back I collect hubby trainers from Athletes foot that they have been holding. Size 12 Brookes Rp 979,300 which includes the 30% discount that we got due to the sale!

While we are at Bobís bar Mr 14 rings as the hotel have been knocking and ringing as our flights have been changed again and they want to know by 5pm if we will take the 1100 flight tomorrow morning to Mataram. So a few phone calls later all sorted now leaving at 1100.
Have a box in the hotel for the instruments which I now have to get to Guitar shop so that they can all be packed ready for posting! So off to dinner we go with my box. Well, I should have charged Rp 2,000 a look as the locals all wanted to know what was in my box! Taxi Rp 10,000 to Porchetta Rp 224,250 then a taxi Rp10,000 to Poppies for a final Ukulele lesson before we flight to Lombok tomorrow!

Son decides that he now needs to re-string Ukulele so Rp 90,000 later. His money his choice! We also get a spare battery Rp 25,000 for his tuner as we donít want to be unable to tune the Ukulele in Lombok; heaven forbid!

While the final lessons is happening Hubby and I walk along to Poppies, Massa Inn, La Walon and Puri Kuta to have a peep and to be able to compare prices etc.

For those that are following the sage the instruments are in and so now there are some new ones weíve not seen so the instruments costs are now at 1.6 million and rising!

Taxi back to Harris Rp 10,000 off to bed! Lombok tomorrow fingers crossed.

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading!
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HNR (here now report) 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: HNR (here now report) 8   HNR (here now report) 8 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 4:31 pm

Another great read. Whens the Lombok leg coming Laughing

Like in UK here you can get glasses in the opticians where you choose the frames and lenses to your prescription which are quite expensive or you can buy little off the shelf reading glasses that cost a lot less.
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HNR (here now report) 8
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