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 HNR (here now report) 7

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 7   Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:33 am

Here now.................HNR 7

Day five Rp 8450

Ok a quieter day today as hubby is unwell and start him on Antibiotics and it seems to do the job.

A side note for those that are interested. Bought ABís at a small local chemist and they cost me Rp 100,000 bough the same ones at the resort in Lombok a few days later from the clinic onsite and they cost me Rp 25,000. So you never can tell.

Today is a festival Day here in Bali so all the hotel staff (well most of them) are dressed in ceremony dress which makes a nice change. Melanting Temple is celebrating their Piodalan (temple festival).

Up early and off out to deliver the laundry Rp 14,000 and to change a few AUD $$$. Rang my Mother-in-law in Sydney to say Gíday and found her in a right state. Thank God you phoned etc etc!!!! Hubby works for Telstra and so we have a few mobiles (as you can imagine on staff plans) and she has lost hers and she rang Telstra and they wouldnít let her suspend the service etc etc. So back to the hotel and I spend 30 minutes on the phone with Telstra sorting out that mess; cost me less that Rp 20,000 so really canít complain about the cost of the phone calls with my simpati sim card. Just wish we could sort out the bloody smsís - still canít do them!

Then I start contacting my travel agent in Pinjarra to try and sort out the Lombok flight mess. She tells me that I am to call the airline here and demand (yes demand) a guaranteed time of departure. So I ask the reception to ring for me but they say that there is no such thing as a guaranteed time of departure. God I wish Iíd booked Garuda!

There are seats on the Garuda flight to Lombok for AUD $88 each do we want to ditch our seats and book those. Off to discuss with hubby. No we are going to go with the flow and see what happens! But incidentally the flight time has changed again. Now we depart at 1530! Will this never end!!!!

Sonís decides that he needs another Ukulele lesson so off to Bali Bedcovers to see Rafi. 90 minutes later hubby and I have walked to Supernova a great local supermarket Rp 59,000 ( 2 spray repellent and 2 material hankies) in Kuta to stock up on mozzie repellent (another thing I forgot to bring this year) normally never leave home without at least one tin. Lunch at the restaurant opposite La Walon; sorry name escapes me Rp 130,000 (1 sm beer & 2 soft) then we headed back to the hotel for a rest and rang to book an appointment for Honeyman to come to the hotel. Honeyman arrives half an hour early and although we order through him every year (last year he was in Java but his brother did the deal) certainly wasnít cheap this year.

In case you havenít guessed Iím somewhat anal retentive with figures etc so I have already dragged my book out and I know exactly what we paid last year so I know that Honeyman isnít doing us any favours! Immediately 200,000 is dropped of the price! Anyway two pairs of reading glasses which are only magnification which very ordinary frames are ordered for Rp 1,300,000 deposit for Rp 650,000 paid! Umm maybe there needs to be a re-think for next year!!! We have good health insurance in Australia with good optical benefits so maybe time to start using that for hubby! Honeyman will be at the hotel at 5 pm the next day to deliver glasses!

Hubby and I walked down to Bobís bar Rp 55,000 (yep same bar we are not going to walk down to as itís too far) and I left hubby there while I went to collect the huge stack of DVDís that we had chosen a few days back and change the two tops that I bought that needed a size adjustment.............Taxi back up to the Harris and collect Mr 14 and use the same taxi Rp 20,000 to head to Nasi Bali for pork ribs. Had them last year and they were to die for. They were good but donít know if they were to die for..................dinner Rp 297,000 (1 sm beer & 2 soft).

Taxi down to Poppies due to another torrential down pour! Rp 10,000. Taxi driver wanted to do the loop and take up all the way round past Hard Rock and into Poppies but we said no thank you numerous times and he wasnít amused so instead of dropping up at the end for Poppies 1 where we were only 50m from where we wanted to be he insisted we got out 100m further up Jalan Legian which meant we got very wet!!! But not to worry we arrive at Bali Bedcovers looking this three drowned mice and Jenny hands me a towel! It was that bad. The couch (need to go to the shop to find out what Iím talking about) is occupied!

Well this is a development. It seems that we meet Lynn and her better half Agung ( I think- sorry of Iíve got it wrong) who have just put down the deposit on a tattoo shop near Bemo corner and are very excited about the whole thing. Sounds great but the service that impressed me was that they have freelance available for those of us (namely me) we arenít into tats and have no idea what that means it means that they will come to you in your hotel and do your tat there. Which sounds like a pretty good customer service to me. Dragged their card out for those that are mad enough to endure the pain. Certainly not me!!! Email goerat_tattoo1@hotmail.com or phone (+62) 813 9460 7413. Hope this helps and we wish them all the very best in their new venue!!! Seemed like a lovely couple. While we are getting all the latest on the tattoo process Mr 14 and Rafi are busy strumming away on their matching ukuleleís and they are playing the same tune together and starting to sound quite good! Two hours later!

By then Jenny and I have ordered 60 odd instruments (at the moment the price is just over 1.4 million) for the Indonesian teacher at home which an average cost of AUD$2.70 per instrument. Jenny now knows what we want so she and Rafi will organize the buying of them and then weíll have to get them back to Perth. The advantage of buying through Jenny and Rafi at Bali Bedcovers is that they regularly travel back to Perth and they know what gets through customs and what doesnít like for instance they have been having the skins on their drums treated and it seems that these treated drum tops are making it back without fumigation! Also a lot cheaper than the plastic ones..........food for thought.

Taxi Rp 10,000 back up to Harris after collecting our Laundry and buying Mr 14 two more pairs of shorts for Rp 120,000.

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: HNR (here now report) 7   Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:38 pm

Another great read - thanks :-)

I think a lot of the tattoo artists will come to your room. Certainly the guy I use in Bali comes to our house. In fact planning one more before I get back to Lombok next month Wink
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HNR (here now report) 7
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