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 HNR (here now report) 10

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 10   Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:41 am

Day Nine holiday Day Two Lombok

Well Iím about a week behind as I just didnít have time to write while we were in Lombok. I did manage a whole HNR and the computer then ditched me off and I lost everything so have been a bit grumpy but am over than now! Arrived back in Bali today now in Sanur but more on that later.

Rate on the street Rp 8500 but as yet still not changing money in Lombok bought enough from Kuta, Bali!

Up early and down to breakfast. Then we all went for a nice walk along the beach. I was surprised how steep the beach outside the Holiday Resort was. Then we walked all the way along to the small turtle hatchery onsite at the Holiday Resort. We had seen them before but we were in for a treat this morning as they were about to get cleaned. First they drain all the dirty water out of the tank then with the hose they clean the turtles (exactly like doing the dishes with a hose) Poor little thing were being tossed and turned and I wasnít very happy when they got stuck on their backs and they were frantically trying to overturn themselves. Hubby said I was being silly as out in the waves they get tumbled far more. Anyway we (me) decided weíve visit again but not at cleaning time, Mum couldnít cope. I believe the resort have some sort of pay and you can release one if you like. I think it was Rp 40,000 but donít quote me!

Back to the room and the laundry was collected at 0900 hubby and I organized for an outside laundry (actually opposite Asmara Restaurant Ė called Pisces) to come and collect my laundry each morning and to return it laundered the following morning and then repeat the process each day. Cost me Rp 15,000 per kilo. She arrived at the resort with her scales but it was far easier than me having go to collect and deliver each day! Very happy with the service and far cheaper than the resort. Also which is important the lady was on time at the agreed time. Times varied depending on our plan for the day but anywhere from 0830-0900 but she was there at the agreed time each morning!

Then off to Mataram Mall for a look. Taxi Rp 70,000 Boys had a drama one of the play station controllers not working correctly so Rp 50,000 later we had a new one. My husband was also having trouble charging his mobile as he felt the charger was draining not charging so Rp 35,000 later we have a new charger for his phone. Into Hero (large supermarket) for supplies Rp 204,348 great pick and mix section there so the boys and I got all sorts of different nibbles to try.

A friend recently gave me a great tip (thanks Josi) that is to buy zip lock bags which we did and as soon as anything got opened it got sealed and then there was no issue with the tiny ant like insects. In all my trips to Bali never thought about that one!!! Great idea.

Another great idea was to have my hubby, son and mine medications including vitamins pre-packed by the chemist. Usually I make up a weeks worth at home and do that each week. But for the ease of the holiday had them ďWebster packedĒ and so we each just have to pop out the required day and Itís made my life so much easier! I actually feel like Iím on holiday too! No fiddling with pill bottles etc. Between the three of us we take 5 tablets and 9 vitamins. Definitely something that we will be doing again!!!

Taxi back to Senggigi Rp 55,000 and we decided to have lunch in The Office behind the Art Markets on the beach. A firm favourite with us and the Lime Juice is to die for! Rp 274,890 ( 2 lge beer & 4 Lime Juice) Taxi back up the hills to the resort Rp 15,000- talking taxis what we also did was put the taxi number into my mobile phone 0370 627000 and when we needed a taxi I just rang and spoke with a Gentlemen whose English was better than mine and within 5 minutes (usually a lot less) we had a cab there waiting; but you need to be able to tell them where you are. We always stood near a large restaurant.

That afternoon we went for a walk to the Blue Marlin Dive School to sign my boys up. We had decided this was something that Father and Son were going to do together and it would give me a chance to use the computer without having to wrestle Mr 14. Back to the room after another walk along the beach. Started to rain so that encouraged us back earlier. We decided to SPLURGE and have one round one small beer and one lime juice at the pool bar and it set us back Rp 57,000.

Taxi Rp 15,000 down to Senggigi and we decided to eat at the De Quake and we sat upstairs with a lovely view of the beach. Free entre which my boys enjoyed and very pleasant meal all round Rp 279,510 ( 2 lge beers, 2 lime juice & 1 water) But I have to say lime juice was shocking! We all taxied back up and dropped son off then Hubby and I headed down to Senggigi for a drink in peace. Taxi Rp 30,000 It also gives our young man time online with his friends from Oz. Most evenings after this we just stuck him in the taxi with enough change to pay the driver and he was more than happy to do this!

Hubby had a beer at The Wira Cafe Rp 30,000 and they give free popcorn then we walked South all the way along to Berryís Cafe round there for Rp 35,000 then we taxi back to the resort Rp 20,000.

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: HNR (here now report) 10   Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:28 pm

Thanks for posting too. We have so many people who come on LL asking questions but not many come back to tell us about there trip so it's a treat when someone does sunny
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HNR (here now report) 10
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