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 HNR (here now report) 17

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 17   Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:55 pm


Up early and it was cool so we walked up to Ronaldís Cafe had breakfast Rp 117,000 then organized to hire push bikes off Ronald. You take the bikes we worry about the money later.

Well I need to digress slightly here. I havenít ridden a bike for years!!!! I mean YEARS!!!! The last time I was on a bike (must have been about 9 or 10) and I recall looking back over my shoulder to call the dog and when I looked back to the front I watch the front wheel roll away the rest they say is history. I was in quite a bad accident and really have had no desire to ride at all in Bali or anywhere else
But we have bikes. So we are riding. I manage to get on and stay on for a bit but my seat is too high so we get that altered later. But for the first three days I have to stop every time someone else comes along as Iím not sure how to pass then without hurting them! Itís all in the mind. So when we ride to home from breakfast to say that I am an emotional mess is a serious understatement!

Right after recovering from the emotional scarring of having to ride back from breakfast I decide that I need to find somewhere to do the laundry. Those that have been following know that I was paying Rp 7,000 per kilo in Kuta and Rp 15,000 per kilo in Lombok but that was delivered to the hotel door!

Straight opposite the Peneeda View is a laundry sign so we wait for the shop to open. When she arrives she weighs my laundry and says itís 3.2 kilos and she wants Rp 20,000 per kilo. Once I had recovered from the impending heart attack I told her no way and started walking towards Hardyís.

Now itís not so cool and Iím dragging over three kilos of washing and the boys are far from impressed. Just pay the price etc etc!!!

Well next thing we end back at Ronaldís and I still have my laundry and his staff say you leave here Ronald will fix. So I leave it as told. Hubby then asks how much I told him I donít care! You can imagine I donít hear the end of that for hours!!!! Should have just paid the Rp 20,000 per kilo! So it would have cost me Rp 64,000 across from the hotel. When I did receive my laundry back it only cost me Rp 31,000 so really now canít complain and that did shut my boys up somewhat!

Iím a principle kinda girl! We eat lunch at the Star Cafe Rp 241,000 (2 lge beer and 4 lemon juice) We didnít realize till days later when I was reading through the receipts that they under charged us by one complete main course! Anyway will sort that out next time we are passing!

Hubby decided that he was off to the Sports Lazer Bar to watch the Rugby Grand Final! Mr 14 and I decided to stay here and enjoy the internet and the pool. Rugby beers Rp 125,000.

Taxi Rp 10,000 later to the Trophy Bar. We eat here every year and every year say we wonít be back and then I think we forget! Portions have got smaller while the prices remain the same. Very unimpressed! Rp 290,000 (2 lge beer and 4 lemon juice) then Hubby and I taxi up the Sindo Markets Rp 12,000 stopping briefly at the Hotel to let son out.

Said hello to some old friends and then walked down to Kity for a beer on the beach! After Kityís walked through the Bonsai to main road down to Ronaldís for one round before heading home.

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading.
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HNR (here now report) 17
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