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 HNR (here now report) 1 - 6

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 1 - 6   Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:14 am

For those that are interested am busy posting these on the BTF and it was suggeted that I add them here as well so here goes:

BEWARE This report VERY VERY Long!

Here now.................HNR 1

Well finally after counting down for nearly a year we are back. We is me, hubby and Mr 14.

We left Perth 10 minutes late only to arrive in Bali 25 minutes early. People talk about immigration in Bali but Perth really needs to learn a few things about their passport control. We waited 4 times as long (as what we did to enter Bali) here after waiting to check in. Literally as soon as we were through quick toilet trip then we were receiving a final call for the third time!

So off to Bali we go. I felt like a mushroom wedged between hubby and son as both over 6 foot and really there is no such thing as leg room. Flew Garuda and can't complain about the flight except that they was a fair bit of turbulence so seat belts most of the way.

Arrive in Bali - off the plane quickly as they were filtering people of both ends. On to bus off to terminal. Me heads for VOA while boys line up. They are being called as I race over with our visas.

Through quickly then had to wait a good half hour for our bags. But we're here and able to move around rather than stuck in a queue!

Out to taxi stall and Rp 55 000 (all my amounts include the tip with Taxi that is usually 5 000)we are off to Kuta to stay at the Harris resort.

We arrive and I am very pleased with our choice our family suite turns out to be two whole rooms and 1.5 bath. (2 loos and one shower/bath) So can't complain...............

Here now.................HNR 2

Day one continues.........we dumped our luggage then headed straight out to change a few $$$ then off to lunch. Rate 8390 I always bring Rp 300-400,000 back to Perth then at least we have some cash on arrival for taxi, tips etc.

We had lunch at a firm old favourite. La Walon Rp 168,000 (3 main and 2 Bintang and 2 soft drinks) then straight up Poppies 1 to the nearly the end to Bali Bed Covers to see Jenny and Rafi. They have become good friends as Rafi says ďNothing is impossibleĒ It appears that this is true. Mr 14 has been working all year (soccer refereeing) and saving his pocket money and has saved a grand total of $980 (considering he only gets $10 a week) which he wants to blow it on a custom made bass guitar. More on that later as I donít have all the correct details and if I post the wrong info heíll be furious! But anyway we went to talk to Rafi to get the ball rolling! Ball is rolling!

I went to get three sim cards and put Rp 50,000 on each so a total of Rp 261,000 so that we can all stay in touch and the boys can text me from the back seat of the taxi always good fun to annoy Mum.

Boys went back to the hotel to check out the pool; which is good; plenty of sun lounges and material not vinyl cushions with a head rest. Very comfy!
I taxi-ed Rp 5000 down to Kuta Square to the Matahari to get supplies eats/snacks for Mr 14 soft drink to replace Mini bar and a few small Bintangs and shampoo and face wash and moisturizer and all that. Decent razors and blades are always very cheap so always stock up Grand total of Rp 377,255 all in a box and taxi back to Harris Rp 10,000.

Last year in Kuta we stayed at the Inna Kuta Beach and found a bar on the beach that we liked. Bobís Bar although Bob wasnít there last year as he was in hospital. Long story but anyway! Hubby and I decided we would walk to the beach to find another bar to sit at while here and we both agreed that there was no way we were walking all the way down to Bobís as it was too far. Where do we end up? At Bobís of course! So we met the infamous Bob and chat to Nicky, (Wife) Putu, (son) Kedet (nephew) catch up with all their news. Where the boy?? In the hotel catching up with his mates on the computer!

Two small Bintang and a soft drink later Rp 35,000 we decide to taxi Rp 10,000 back up to Harris and then Mum (me) decides that I need to go to Kreshna Jewellery at the Bali Rani so see about getting my ring made. So weíre off. Taxi Rp 10,000. Iíve not used Mrs Pak before but she comes highly recommended. I donít know where she was before but if you taxi to the BR and get out and walk right third shop along within the hotel is her. I have a ring that I hate (another long story but was quoted AUD$750 to get what I want done) Here I am quote AUD $250 plus that includes getting two other rings sized. So I leave all three rings and sheíll call me in about a week when they are ready! One job done!

Taxi back to Harris Rp 20,000 I spent a bit of time unpacking and organizing all our stuff! We have always kept in touch with a good friend from a Kids Club that we used years ago and he has got married since weíve known him and my son now plays fotsal with him and his team mates every Monday night when we are here. So his wife is working so weíve invited him to join us for a meal at this evening to catch up and to give him a few gifts from Perth.

So he arrives and we all head off to Poppies to eat we decided on TJís as weíve never been there. It was okay but expensive for Bali standards for what we received. In saying that it was busy and people seem to be very happy. But my humble opinion is that it was okay but nothing to rave about so we wonít be returning. Hubbyís Huge Prawns arrived and there were only 4 so he left hungry! Rp 371,900 (4 main, 3 soft drinks and 1 beer) Back to the guitar shop to talk to Rafi and Jenny some more!!! Itís a good portion of our life and trip sorting guitars. But itís always good to catch up with friends!

Back to the hotel and drop our young man off and he got some serious computer to do to catch up with his mates back home! Hubby and I catch a taxi Rp 10,000 up to Jalan Melasti to the markets to have a look round as weíve done many times in the past in the early evening. Most of the stalls closed! Into Sheppies for round (one large Bintang and one softy) and a follow-up from the small portion for hubby from TJís so calamari and a fruit platter later and another round Rp ,82,000. Then a final round at Taman Sari Cottages Rp 35,200 and a slow walk back to the resort.

A very busy day one but weíre here; we slept well!

Here now.................HNR 3

Day two .......................for those that are into guitars my son is having a custom made 5 string bass with a wammi bar modelled after a traben phoenix. Google it - itís cool. EMG pickups and 24 frets. We ordered the wammi Bar before leaving Perth and bought that with us.

OK now a few details on the resort. They appear to have a great selection of activities to do for free at the hotel; like try a scuba diving session and cooking etc and as I said all free. But you need to look at the schedule when you arrive as it rotates each week and you might miss out on exactly what you want to do if you donít know itís on............

Breakfast in my opinion is great! A huge selection but no sign of bacon, yet, not that it really phases me. There is an egg station outside and two separate local stations inside with soupy type stuff and cereals and toast and various breads and pastries and fresh fruit and then the hot food. Rice and noodles, plus a salad bar, each morning and various local veggies dishes and two meat type things. Also fresh pancakes and the VERY best feature is that inside is non smoking so with Mr 14 and his asthmas itís perfect for us!

More than happy to answer any individual questions on the resort; actually found it quite hard to get a lot of feedback when I was booking but weíre very happy and would stay here again so thatĎs it really ok.

Hubby and I went to drop off some laundry and in Kuta here they seems to just weigh it and you are charged by the kilo. Far quicker than listing each item on a sheet and adding up individually. But anyway! We appear to do about 2-3 kilos each day and am charged Rp 7000 per kilo! So canít complain! Iím just happy that I am not doing it!

We walked down to Kuta square as I was looking for a chemist. The one thing I forgot was to bring sonĎs asthma preventer. So trying to get one here. More later. Bought some band aids etc while in Chemist Rp 13 000 but couldnít get preventer here.

A few more supplies in Matahari while weíre in the neighbourhood Rp 46,200 then a taxi back to the Harris Rp 10,000.

We are them off to Denpasar to the soccer shop (taxi-wait and help translate) then back to Ramayana whole Taxi was Rp 85,000. My son plays fotsal in Perth and this is the second year where I get the shirts for the team from the local soccer supplier. Each shirt cost Rp 50,000 which includes their names (Pork-Chop, Paki, NerdyM, Africa, Zero, Undead, Shadoww, Wog Boi, Mav) and their chosen number printed on the back. Then we also have to have a goalie shirt for Rp 89,000 and a ball for Rp 169,000 and two sets of goalie gloves Rp 110,000 each and finally fotsal shoes for Rp 414,000. BUT far cheaper than getting them in Perth. Shirts will be ready for collection in 48 hours! Turns out shirts are ready in 24 hours and delivered to the Kuta store so that we donít have to go all the way to Denpasar. BUT remember that the shopís staff English isnít great so you need to know what you want. We actually take a printed sheet with all the names and number neatly typed up so there can be no misunderstandings! Quality excellent and everyone very happy!

Next into Ramayana to buy me two pairs of trainers in the sale one black one white and one pair for Mr 14 king gong size. 4 pairs of socks too! Rp 937,300
Taxi back to Kuta Rp 75,000 which includes going to a great pharmacy which has everything and of course in true Bali style you donít need a script. So me forgetting the puffer is an expensive little exercise but I can get the exact same on so I am happy Rp 334,000.

Had lunch at Bali Summer not overly impressed the meals all arrived separately one had completely finished before the next arrived and the second was completely finished before the third arrived. But anyway Rp 216 000 (2 Bintang, 2 soft and 1 water)

Taxi back to Harris 10,000 then hubby and I are off for a drink and again we agree we are not walking all the way down to out the front of the IKBB but where do we end up at Bobís bar again! 40,000 later. Off to the Kuta art markets on the way home. Two short and one long pants me 150,000 probably paid more than we should have but we wanted them and it was hot and we were tired.

Matahari for more supplies 141,000 and taxi back to the Harris 17,000 traffic horrendous. We all went for a swim then catch up on a few emails.

Taxi up to La Monde in Legian 15,000 itís been a favourite for years. 195 500 catch up with a shop owner Tony whose just outside the Jayakarta where we stayed years ago. We still pop in every trip and order a whole load of shirts for son. Taxi back to Poppies 20,000 and dropped son at Hotel. Hubby and I got out at Kuta square and went round corner to Ketutís DVD store; another place that we frequent regularly. Picked up one PS2 game to keep Mr 14 busy with tomorrow if needed.

Bought three muscle shirts in XXXL for hubby for 120,000. Had a round at the Tree House Poppies 35,000 and another at the wool shed 38,000 and on the final walk home bought myself three long pants for 150,000. Again wanted them...........

Here now.................HNR 4

Okay sorry for the delay in posting but been a bit busy having a good time and getting to Lombok (which incidentally I love Ė more on that later).

Back to Day three in Bali. Exchange rate Rp 8400.

Had breakfast early then dragged the boys out to deliver the laundry. As we leave the hotel the porters offer us a brollie but Hubby says we donít need that. It had rained shortly before but it all looked ok. Well we set off down the fairly long drive by the time we get to the gate itís pouring; torrential rain! Monsoon season is here early. We stand with a few other getting shelter under the carport type entrance to the Hotel and when the rain slows/stops we decided to risk it walking along to sort laundry! As we are walking along some moron drives straight through a puddle next to us and Mr 14 and I are drenched from head to foot well me for head to foot including face! I am far from amused.

We get to our favourite laundry shop and while there the boys do the deal on 7 shorts various styles (including a few of the army style with 100ís of pockets) Rp 400,000 we deliver three kilos of laundry which is being done for the grand total of Rp 42,000. Then we taxi to the sports store to find Fotsal shoes that we were unable to find in Denpasar yesterday and weíre now getting desperate as Mr 14 plays fotsal when we are in Bali with a hotel team where we have stayed many many times. So heíll be letting the side down if heís not kitted out ready to play.

We have the shoes and after off and we say see you tomorrow so that we can collect the shirts that have been printed no no no you canít leave now the shirts are here already. Less than 24 hours after ordering the shirts are here all ready to go. Howís that for service. All shirts checked and they are perfect. Mr 14 very happy!

All jumped back in to our waiting taxi to the resort and Hubby & I jump out at Kuta Square and I drag him into the croc shop. Son continues home in the taxi with the shopping and pays Rp 80,000 for the round trip! I insist on hubby getting a decent pair of crocs to walk in. RP 650,000 later weíre off to Bobís bar on the beach in front of the IKBB and Rp 45,000 worth of drinks later hubby and his new toes are ready to leave. Not only has he had a shoulder massage Rp 20,000 but heís also had a pedicure and now has cute little palm trees on his big toes. Son is absolutely mortified and totally embarrassed what will people think? Both of us found it quite amusing that night when his toes were wiggling and he explained that the breeze was swaying his palm trees.

Walked back up to met son and our Indonesian friend who I will call K for lunch. He sadly had eaten so joined us while we ate Rp 146,000 at the Tree Top. Then Rafi rang with more info about the guitar that is being custom built so we had to scoff lunch and head up there. To cut a long story short there is a supplier that will make the guitar but he wants 2 million deposit (total 5.5 million) so back to the hotel for all and Mum heads back to put a deposit on the guitar shop. Leaves hubby in Poppies to test the Bintangís nearby!

Son and K busy in the pool. So heís happy then after swimming they are off to Fotsal so hubby and I have the afternoon and evening alone! Not an option normally. So first we get a few boring jobs out of the way! After the all important deposit is made and the guitar is now commissioned! Hubby and I head to bemo corner and walk down to Dayu II (Drinks Rp 40,000) which is an old favourite as our Driver Norman is there during the day when he's not out of trips! Catch up with Norman and organize to call him when we arrive back from Lombok to do at least one day trip!

Rp 60,000 for two pairs of thongs then weíre back at Bobís Bar on the beach in front of the IKBB. I thought we werenít drinking here this trip. It was too far from our hotel! Rp 55,000 then off to the Matahari for Sunglasses for hubby and there pairs of Boxers. 488,000 (sunnies) Rp 119,700 for boxers.

Then we decide to Taxi up to Seminyak and spoil our selves by eating Indian (Mr 14 would not approve) at the Queens Tandoor. Rp328,020 So we canít complain and we had (2 lge Bintangs & 2 softies) We also had a starter that we donít normally have and I have to say the customer service was the best weíve seen in Bali in a very long time! Popped in the Bintang Supermarket to buy something small so that we had change for the taxi! Rp 7,000 later.

Taxi Rp 15,000 down to Melasti Street walked up to Ketutís but she was already well and truly closed and it was still early! One more drinks stop Rp 40,000 then we walked back through the back lanes of Kuta to the hotel. Another pit stop on route Rp 30,000.

Caught up with son who had had a ball at fotsal and was very proud of himself as heís scored a goal.

Here now.................HNR 5

Day four Rp 8400

Up slightly later which we regretted as it seemed the whole world as at brekkie. But not to worry still got fed. Collected washing and delivered more. I headed back to hotel to post on BTF and to wait for a friend to turn up to collect paint. Those that were around last year reading my JBR will recall that I also bought fabric paint from Oz for a friends brother who does t-shirt painting and I wanted to off load the 7.5 kgs before heading to Lombok.

Boys head to Poppies 1 to have a Ukulele lesson. Another long story but at the Bali BedCovers shop you can get handmade ukuleleís that are made from one piece of wood. Stunning workman ship and cheap! Well last year Mr 14 got one for his birthday but had no idea how to play it so we bought it back to Bali for two reasons one for lessons from Rafi and two for him to have something to do while here. Heís always playing a guitar at home and I was worried that he would miss his instruments while weíre here for a month.

NB: Well lessons are working a week since he picked it up heís can play a few tunes. So Iím not complaining he actually sounds quite good but donít tell him I said that ........................

While getting his lessons Mr 14 bought himself a chromatic tuner reckons he needed one for ages Rp 240,000 (his money his choice) we all met for lunch at the Warong Beach Club Rp 216,700 next to Maccas. Sent Mr 14 back to hotel in a cab! Rp 10,000 Then Dad and I headed for Bobís beach bar Rp 55,000 and a bought two necklaces and three bracelets from Nicky Bobís wife which I didnít want which I never want but always buy from Nicky or a I never get any peace. Which if course I over paid for Rp 80,000

Dad had a shoulder massage Rp 20,000 and a manicure Rp 30,000 and for the first time in 20 years I had my toe nails painted bright red with little flowers which I loved after my pedicure Rp 30,000; picked up a couple of muscles shirts XXXL in the art markets for Rp 65,000 then taxi back to the Harris Rp 10,000. Short rest then Dad and I headed up to the Melasti Street markets and he bought one more muscle for Rp 30,000 had a round in Garlic Lane Rp 40,000 then my husband (who at this point I am calling all sorts of names) decides we are going to walk through/round a huge puddle in one of the back lanes. So here I am in slip ons and long white yes I said long white pants trying to skirt my way round a huge puddle. But anyway made it back to hotel with minimal damage!

We then caught a taxi up to our friends Tony shop near the Jayakarta and son picked up his five muscle shirts that he had pre-ordered Rp 125,000 then we walked round to Yutíz. Now those that have read all my reports will recall that I am a midget next to my boys. They out stand and out weigh me so we usually try for a 4-6 seater table over a 2-4 due to shoulder room. Well at Yutíz they would not let us sit at a table unless it was for 4 as we are only 3. So we left and walked across the road. We had a lovely meal at another favourite La Casa across the road. Rp 221,000. Weíll never go back to Yutíz!!!!

Tiddles (Mr 14) taxied back to hotel Rp 40,000 and hubby & I walked down to Discovery. Took his old reading glasses into an optometrist and got them serviced for Rp 30,000 new nose pads and the gentlemen spent ages straighten the frames. Chemist stop Rp 51,000 I bought three tops for Rp 200,00 only to have to take them back and change them later as they were the wrong size couldnít be bothered to try them on at the time. Next time worth wasting the time to try them on. Round of drinks at the Bali Bull Rp 40,000 then headed back up to Poppies to the guitar shop to pay the postage that we owe. Those following the guitar saga. Son ordered a 5 string whammy bar bridge from the USA and we needed to post this to the supplier which is custom building his bass. Rp 20,000 later all sorted. Walk back to the Harris, round at bar opposite Fat Yogiís Rp 40,000 via the mini mart where hubby bought a few beers. Rp 49,500.

This is where the Lombok flight saga begins! We asked the hotel to confirm our flights to Lombok. Done - flight has changed from 12 noon departure to 1600 departure. Not ideal but what choice so we have...........

Here now.................HNR 6

Day five Rp 8400

Thanks to all on the BTF but I have now been able to work out how to get my mobile phoning Oz and others. Landlines and mobiles Ė finally; itĎs only taken nearly 4 days!!!!!

Up early; off to deliver laundry Rp 14,000 and changed some more cash. Back to hotel, then we all taxi Rp 30,000 down to Kuta square. All head to Ketutís DVD store opposite the art markets to choose the annual DVDís etc. We choose 11 Wii games for Rp 200,000 then 26 PS2 200,000 and 70 DVDís for 500,000 so Rp 900,000 later all sorted but way too heavy to carry so we leave pick up for another day! Walked down to art markers to collect 2 water bottle holders that I had made for a friend! Crocheted ones Rp 65,000 for a large and a small made in black.

Took Mr 14 to Bobís bar to met Bob and to say Gíday to the rest of the family. Ice cream on the beach Rp 10,000 drinks Rp 35,000 massage Dad Rp 20,000 then walked along to the Yulia Inn (not a lot of choices) for lunch Rp 260,000 then taxi back to the Harris.

Son is an avid online Gamer and had organized a huge do this evening (he was told first and last while we are in Bali) so would not be able to join us for dinner. Due to us being long stay guests in the Harris we have been given two (even though there was three of us) meal vouchers for a set meal in the cafe. So I went and spoke to the manager and yes after some discussion a meal from the set menu could be delivered to the room this evening. So Mr 14 all organized!
Off to see Rafi for another lesson and I bought a queen batik bed cover Rp 400,000 been looking at them over for years and finally decide to bite the bullet! I love it!!! Took a load of photos while in the bedcover shop of their hand held instruments as I have promised the Indonesian teacher at school that I will organise her some supplies while I am doing nothing!

Looks like rain!!!!!! Again!!!!! No Rafi says it wonít rain! Maybe later. Three doors down Poppies the heavens open so we have to make a pit stop at Swell Bar for brownies and drinks Rp 70,000.

Taxi back to Harris to drop Mr Gamer then same taxi Rp 35,000 out to Galleria where at the big book store I bought Rp 280,000 of kids books in Indonesia for the Indo teacher. I know Iím a mug!

Dinner for two at Dayu 11 Rp 181,500 then walked back up to see Jenny and Rafi at the guitar/bedcover shop Two guitar pic key rings Rp 60,000. On way home we stop at the mini mart for supplies Rp 75,000 and local chemist for cold and flu tablets Rp 20,000 as hubby has the sniffles.

May be coming down with a cold???

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading!

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PostSubject: Re: HNR (here now report) 1 - 6   Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:11 am

Thanks Fun Trecker Great report! Looking forward to your Lombok one soon Very Happy
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HNR (here now report) 1 - 6
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