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 HNR (here now report) 18

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 18   Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:11 am


Rp 8600 All up reasonable early and we decide to ride to breakfast. God help me! I walk all the way with my bike and manage to ride back I even passed 4 people now theres an improvement. I also rode through some sand; there is hope yet! Maybe!

We ate at Tootsie Rp128,000 now we have been regular Tootsie breakfasters for years. Wheres Yani? It seems that none of the regular staff are there? Where are they? We ask around on the beach and it seems that Yani is now at the Swastika Lemon restaurant on the main road! More later on that! Back to the room to cool off and to try and bring my BP down. This bike riding lark is all well and good but boy do I feel the stress!

We hire Wayan from the Hotel drive for the morning (half day Rp 200,000) and we are off to Kuta. We drop Mr 14 at the guitar shop in Poppies 1 and we head up to see Danny. Who I dearly miss as he organized my laundry for Rp 7,000 per kilo! Anyway two pairs of shorts later. Rp120,000 we headed down the beach to find Bobs Bar to say Gday! Cost us a small fortune! Drinks Rp 70,000, 3 muscles shirts on the beach Rp 100,000 then hubby has massage Rp 20,000, Manicure Rp 30,000 and the jungle cleaned Rp 50,000 not going there!

While in Kuta we exchange one of the PS2 games that we already bought that appears not to be playing correctly and we then head by Taxi Rp 10,000 to discovery to buy another PS2 controller! Rp 60,000.

While in Discovery I pop into Marks and Sparks t pick myself up a second top that I really like not going there either!

Taxi back to Poppies 1 Rp 10,000 and we walk along to see Mr 14. Hes splurging on two new picks for Rp 12,000 and I get my two throws for the couch. 2 single batik covers which match my queen Ive already bought Rp 500,000. Off for lunch at Bali Agung Rp 200,000 (2 large beers and 4 lime juice)

We ring our driver Wayan and get him to collect us at the end of Poppies and we head home via Toms music. We arent in the store for more than 10 minutes but now Mr 14 has decided that hes taking an amp home! How on earth are we to manage that? But we manage to convince Mr 14 that since Dad and I know nothing about amps he needs to talk to Rafi before buying one. Now we have a plan! I just bought myself some time!

Back to the room we tip the Driver an extra Rp 50,000 as we were quite a bit longer than we had planned! We relax for a bit and then we head next door to the Warung Pantai Indah for afternoon tea Rp 80,000 as Mr 14 has Fotsal again with the hotel team at 1800. Hes collected and dropped off so hubby and I have a few hours to ourselves!

We taxi Rp 10,000 up to the night markets; these have certainly changed. Not sure of the better certainly more clean but they appear to have lost some of their appeal. Well in my humble opinion anyway!
We walk down to the beach and have a drink at the Restaurant Segara Agung Sanur Beach Markets. Rp 50,000 then we walk along to the Beach Cafe and have dinner there. Rp 221,000 (one lge beer & one lime juice) my main arrived and my rice was served in a coconut; lovely! Walked along to Kity and had drinks Rp 45,000 then we walked home.

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading.
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HNR (here now report) 18
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