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 HNR (here now report) 15

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 15   Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:41 pm

Well those that have been following closely will notice that Iíve been quiet. Fine now; and I mean that! But yesterday I would have been quite happy if I had died. I will never eat fish ever again! Definitely had food poisoning! I have never been soo ill in my life!


Our last full day in Lombok. Up early and had breakfast we were collected by Herman our prearranged Driver for our day out.
First we drove to the Pottery Village and had a look. There was an opportunity to make a piece yourself but there was a tourist bus there so it was quite busy! We declined. Some of the huge pots are lovely and Hubby and I particularly liked the ones that are finished in the Batik Material. But then we start the usual discussion of where is it going to go and how on earth will we get it home.

So like usual ended up buying nothing but enjoyed the outing. Then we moved on to the weaving area where we were met out of the car by a guide who started on the hard sell. This really isnít my thing so I wasnít all that interested. I had decided that I wanted a couple of throws for the couch but Iím not paying the annual income of a small nation for the privilege. So after again buying nothing we headed off to Kuta.

We had decided to head up the hill for the view from the restaurant overlooking Kuta. Anyway ..............when we arrive just after noon Herman says do you mind if I go to pray. Of course not be our guest! So off he goes and we head into the restaurant. Which the name escapes me but anyway!

Please remove your shoes; thatís ok. Then please write your own orders; different! No menuís; on blackboards around room. No worries. After about 5 minutes hubby and son start asking where is the food. Itís all veggie and for two meat and veg men this is disastrous! So Mum to the rescue I order three starters and hope for the best. Well to say that the boys were very unimpressed was an understatement. It took days to live that one down! But I have to say the view was great and Mr 14 managed to shovel down the chocolate cake without complaint. The photos are great. But I donít think weíll be returning.

All sitting down in the garden when Herman (tipped Herman Rp 50,000 for the day separately from what I had paid to the tour company)arrived I think Hubby was ready to be rescued by anyone at this stage. I did mention that it was cheap trying to pacify Hubby and he reminded me that it was cheap as they hadnít actually offered food. Lunch Rp 86,000 (3 starters, 3 soft drinks & 1 cake)

Then to add insult to injury Herman suggests that we head to the Novotel for a drink. Sounds like a plan. Rp104,060 for three soft drinks!!!!! What we saved on lunch we certainly spent on afternoon tea!

Time to head back to Seggigi all a bit worn out after our day out. Noticed more and more poverty the further south we headed but it really is a lovely place. Looking forward to heading East If we return. That debate is currently in progress. Value for money you canít beat the Holiday resort (4 stars)and the space in the two bedroom apartment was fabulous. But Hubby isnít so sure Lombok is for him. Son enjoyed the diving and could quite happily spend a week there diving but hubbyís not too sure thereís enough to keep him entertained.

So weíll just have to wait and see if we return or not! But if we do definitely wonít be flying Trans Nusa Air!

We decide to have a bit of a rest then we are going to try Warung Menega. We taxi out there Rp 27,000 and sit down at the front on the beach and get the menu. Only seafood. Not a worry for hubby and I but Mr 14 wonĎt touch it so we left. No chicken or anything, sadly not even french fries. Only fish and seafood. So maybe another time when son is not in tow!

So we head back into town Rp 15,000 and try to eat at Berryís. We sit order a round of drinks and our meal. Rp 51,000 Then they come out and tell us that whatever my Hubby has ordered isnít on the menu. So then the boys decide we are moving and eating somewhere else. Story of my life today!

We walk down to Bumbu and enjoy a meal there. Rp 230,000. Son in a taxi back to resort Rp 20,000 and hubby and I head back to The office Rp 50,000 then we taxi home Rp 15,000.

As soon as we arrive back reception is on the phone telling us that our flight has changed again!!! Back to 1100...............

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: HNR (here now report) 15   Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:23 pm

The restaurant you mention is Ashtari. It is very popular but I am a bit like your men and like my meat so generally just stop by there for a drink. The tamarind juice is delicious. We have a tamarind tree overhanging our place so I wish I knew who they made it .....

It's a great place to take in the views. Actually long ago before it was built and there was a derelict house there and we were looking for land to buy, I asked Made who owned it but when I heard it was an Australian knew it wouldn't be up for sale! Very Happy

Thanks again for another great HNR and sorry to hear that you have been sick pale
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HNR (here now report) 15
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