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 HNR (here now report) 11

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 11   Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:41 pm


Day Ten holiday Day Three Lombok

Down to breakfast early then back up to the room; Laundry delivered for Rp 30,000.

Today is day one of diving boys have theory and DVD to watch. Great; peace for me and lots of computer time. Spent the whole morning sorting out the huge load of emails that have mysteriously arrived in my inbox! Also managed to get two HNR written and posted! All happy off to lunch!

We decided to eat at Asmara – highly recommended lunch was Rp 302,450. While waiting for lunch to arrive I popped over for a look through their fixed price shop.

There are at last three fixed price shops that we found; not that we bought anything but it was nice to get an idea of what they should be asking in the local art markets etc.

Also enquired with Asmara as to how much for an all day tour. I think they call themselves etours. Rp 400,000 for the day and when would we like to go? I said I needed to speak to my hubby first. Food arrived.

We phoned and ordered taxi Rp 18,000 and back to the resort. A bit more theory then all down to the diving shop to sort out the paper work for the course!

All to the pool for a well deserved relax and rest. Then about 4pm we all decided to head back to our apartment. Good job as the heavens opened! It poured and how for about an hour!

A while later we decided to head down to Taman and eat there; again highly recommended. While we were sitting there the lights all went out and we three had a few romantic moments with the waiter till the generator kicked in! Dinner Rp 296,450 and free transport back to the resort.

We are told that most of the bigger restaurants will collect you and return you to the resort if asked. Put son in the transport and we head off for another drink! We walked along a bit had a look round the antiques shop and the fixed price wood shop (lots of jewellery type stuff but mainly wood) ended up having drinks at Bumbu Rp 40,000 and taxi back to resort. Ended up watching a DVD at the resort.
We always bring a portable DVD player as well. Means that we can have that option and always worth checking some of the DVD’s that we buy! Especially the latest released ones. But the shop where we buy them from usually tells us before we leave which ones have iffy quality and I usually choose not to get them!

Something else hubby bought along is like a bike lock for the laptop. You just attached one end to a large piece of furniture and use the little lock to secure to the computer. They can of course cut the wire but they can never remove the lock so it makes the computer less desirable for on selling. Been great so that we know it will be here once we get back to room and means we’re not dragging it everywhere unnecessarily!

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: HNR (here now report) 11   Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:30 pm

Thanks again - and a good tip there about the lock for the laptop!
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HNR (here now report) 11
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