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 HNR (here now report) 12

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PostSubject: HNR (here now report) 12   Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:00 pm


Up early and down to breakfast. Oh dear mini drama no pancakes; what will Mr 14 eat!!! We survived and back to the apartment for last minute revision of theory completed then off the boys head to the pool. For a couple of hours theory then into the pool for practice dives!

I have a lovely morning typing up a few HNRís and actually get them posted; read my book; catch up of a multitude of emails. They seem to have ideal breeding conditions in my inbox and they just breed. So after culling a few hundred. Itís noon and I head down to the pool to see where my boys are at. There are these huge black blobs on the bottom of the pool and bubbles coming up form them so assume as is well.

I head into the Resorts onsite pearl shop (which incidental has reasonable prices much to my surprise) and get a great lesson in the difference between salt water and fresh water pearls. There is a stunning single pearl ring set in white gold but would have to take my wedding rings off to wear it and really donít think Hubby would be keen on that idea. So just admired it for a while.

Head back to the room via the pool to find Hubby sitting out others are still black blobs on the bottom of the pool! It seems that after a day and a half of theory and a couple of hours of practical Hubby decides that diving isnít something he wants to pursue. Heís not enjoying it and really was only doing it to keep Mr 14 company! So now I have only one boy diving and hubby watching!

Decided to order chippies from room service so that I donít fade away into nothing! Rp 34,000. Only drama was that Mr 14 got terribly burnt in the pool as he was wearing short sleaved wetsuit with a short sleeved rash top.

So now we are searching for long sleaved rash top before tomorrow - So we taxi down Rp 17,000 to Senggigi but thereís nothing there so after a fabulous dinner that not only tasted good but looked spectacular as well. Ate at Lotus Bay View. Rp 384,615 Got given a discount card which gets us 10% off the other Lotus restaurants around Indonesian (Cafe Lotus-Ubud, Lotus Pond-Sanur, Lotus Lane-Ubud, lotus Garden- Nusa Dua and Lotus Seaview- Candidasa then there are 4 more in Singapore) It poured while we sat and ate overlooking the bay!

We taxi back to resort and drop off Mr 14 and we head to Mataram Mall to see what we can find! Rp 70,000 We bought two tops not sure which would be best. A long sleaved soccer shirt for Rp 24,500 then a surf type long sleaved t-shirt for Rp 186,000. It turns out the cheap one was perfect to do the job! Taxi back Rp 70,000 to resort; early night for all weíre all worn out!

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading!
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HNR (here now report) 12
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