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 New to forum, loads of questions

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Lombok Virgin

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PostSubject: New to forum, loads of questions   Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:44 pm

Hi Gemma and others

I am booked to head to Bali for my 7th trip in July 2011 and have started thinking about the possibility of doing a side trip for 1 or 2 nights to Lombok. I have several questions which will help me with the decision process.

1. What are the options of travel to Lombok from Sanur, Bali, how long does it take, what are the costs associated with each option? What is the arriving port or point in Lombok? What is the best way to go about booking travel to Lombok?

2. Where would be the best location or hotel etc for a first timer to stay? (pricing and/website indications would be helpful)

3. What is there to do in Lombok? I am not able to do snorkelling etc as I have panic attacks when I attempt it so what others things are there to do?

4. For a first time trip would 1 or 2 nights be sufficient time to get a taste of what Lombok has to offer?

5. I will be travelling to Bali with my almost 17 year old daughter who has loads of friends in Sanur and loves going out, shopping etc, what is there to entice her to consider doing this side trip with me?

Any and all information you can assist with would be greatly appreciated.

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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: Re: New to forum, loads of questions   Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:17 pm

Hi Jamar

That is really a bit short for a side trip but should you decide to go for it I would say fly. The flight time is only 20 minutes and will cost you 400,000- Rp500,000 each way. The airport is only 20 minutes from Senggigi which with so little time is probably the best base for you.

Alternatively you could take a fast boat to one of the Gilis Cost Rp500,000 - 600,000 and about 90 minutes journey time.

As for what to do in Senggigi it is so long since I spent any time there I will let someone else answer. The Gilis are worth a visit even if not snorkelling for the beautiful beaches.
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Lombok Soulmate

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PostSubject: My take on your Lombok visit   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:12 pm

Hi Jamar,

The clock moves lot slower in Lombok compared to Bali. You can be like a tourist taking tours and stay in the cocoon. You could also choose to spend more time there to learn about Lombok.

Like Bali, there are probably three areas you can consider for staying. One is in down town area closer to airport and staying in hotels in crowded and busy areas. Another is to travel far to Kuta in south and enjoy the white beachs, fishing etc. The third option is to stay in Sengiggi a strip along the coast running north to south for few miles. All of the conveniences area available here.

Only two days in Lombok Shocked Exclamation tongue

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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: Re: New to forum, loads of questions   Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:12 am

Hi Jamar
Put it like this, if someone said to you that they were considering doing a side trip from Singapore to Bali for one night, and what would be the best place to stay and what to do on the trip... what would you tell them. Just like it is impossible to even get a feel for Bali in a day or two, same goes for Lombok.

If you do such a short trip, you will not get a feel for the place. You will get some impression based on where you end up going, which will be limited - see analogy above Smile

Anyway... as Gemma suggested, best option on a short trip is to fly to Mataram and stay somewhere like Senggigi.

Lombok is NOT a shopping Mecca. It is not like Bali in that it is not crowded out with shops and markets. If you live in Lombok you go to Bali to Shop. However, there are certainly opportunities to spend your money.

I suggest you do this:
Day 1 - arrive Senggigi, look around and relax
Day 2 - tour taking in Ikat weaving village, traditional Sasak Village and South Lombok
Day 3 - tour of Senaru and waterfalls. Evening Garuda flight back to Bali (arrives about 8pm)

Day 1, 2 & 3 - Gili Trawangan staying somewhere like Scallywags. Beach bars, eating, massages, buy stuff off the hawkers on the beach.

If you chose to go to the Gili, the other transport option is the fast boat - if you are staying in Sanur on Bali, then get one from Benoa.

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Lombok Virgin

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PostSubject: Re: New to forum, loads of questions   Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:10 pm

Hi Jamar, I am a frequent visitor to bali, lombok and the gili islands, and plan on moving there permanently this year (2011). Lombok is very beautiful but I think your 17 yo would be bored there. BUT she would go nuts for Gili Trawangan. I would suggest at least 3 nights there. You would both love it. You can be in the 'thick of it' with bars and music, or excape to secluded parts of the island. My suggestions is the fast boat from Sanur. While flights are only 15mins to Lomok, by the time you get to the airport, which has to be an hour before the flight, land in Mataram, get taxi to the harbour etc etc the whole deal will take up to 3 hours - fast boat will take about 2 hours from Sanur, or a little more, and you are straight there!!!!And the boat trip is sensational!! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: New to forum, loads of questions   

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New to forum, loads of questions
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