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 Beware of Pesona Bintang Tours

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Lombok Virgin

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PostSubject: Beware of Pesona Bintang Tours   Beware of Pesona Bintang Tours Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2015 9:50 am

I absolutely loved my time in Lombok but had quite a sour horrible transport return to Bali so I wanted to share the experience so other people can avoid it happening to them in future! I would like to advise all travellers NOT to use Pesona Bintang Tours until they sort this issue out and stop lying to their customers, we ended up dumped in the middle of a random street at 8pm at night thanks to this company.

We were using a shuttle company called Pesona Bintang Tours that would take us to Lembar, ferry ticket included to Padangbai then shuttle over to Canggu in Bali. Regretfully we booked this very short notice as we joined up with 2 other travellers at our hotel and decided to use the same shuttle they were using.

Anyway, long story short Pesona Bintang lied to us. In Lombok we paid 700,000 for 2 people for the tickets, quite a high price but the member of staff assured us they would drop us at our hotel in Canggu when we arrived in Bali. I was nervous that something would go wrong as there were so may handoffs (car, ferry, then another shuttle) and our fears came true when we got off the boat, the people at Pandangbai were shouting saying they wouldn't go to Canggu, only 2 drops at Ubud and Kuta.

When we tried to reason with the member of staff he just kept shouting no - kuta drop only, and telling us we should complain to the people in Lombok it was their fault. Obviously this is not much use when we are now in Bali and have already paid cash.

I am a well seasoned traveller so expect these times of scams and it may sound not that much of a big deal except:

- We paid a large amount for these tickets expecting a hotel drop off and going out of the way to Canggu. Otherwise I would never have paid 350,000rp per person for travel that included the slow ferry rather than fast boat. We could have gone to Teluk Nara and had a better day in hindsight.
- It appears other travellers we were with in the car were lied to as well. They were told they were getting hotel drop offs in Ubud but instead everyone was mass dropped at the Coco's supermarket in Ubud and they had to pay for a taxi for the last bit.
- Furthermore no-one else was being dropped in Kuta anyway on this shuttle! We were the only two going down south so they could have taken us the extra 30 minutes to Canggu and avoided Kuta altogether, but they didn't.
- We were dumped on the middle of a random road in Kuta and had to flag a taxi at 8pm at night to get us the rest of the way and obviously pay for it ourselves.
- It meant we didn't arrive in Canggu until 9pm (left hotel in Lombok at 10am!) and we were very worried that our hotel would have given our reservation away.

Once again, I would advise all travellers to be wary of shuttles that advise they drop you where you want on your return crossing to Bali.

If you are unsure who you have booked with it will be printed on the ticket header so urge everyone to check.
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Lombok Virgin

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PostSubject: Re: Beware of Pesona Bintang Tours   Beware of Pesona Bintang Tours Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 12:45 pm

i really do recommend marina srikandi. they have shuttle from padang bai to kuta or ubud area. i would be happy to book it for you next time at below the normal price.
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Beware of Pesona Bintang Tours
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