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 Indonesia celebrates its best year ever for tourism arrivals

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PostSubject: Indonesia celebrates its best year ever for tourism arrivals   Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:59 am

Well 2008 was Visit Indonesia Year.

Not suprisingly Australia are Indonesia's top vistors but I was suprised to see China are number 2.

Full story below.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Jero Wacik, is delighted to report that Indonesia “has experienced its best year ever for overseas tourism arrivals with 6.4 million visitors in 2008,” almost a million more arrivals than in 2007.

Bali, Indonesia’s bestknown leisure destination, continues to achieve the highest number of arrivals. The island had already experienced a tourism surge in 2007 with 1,644,000 arrivals (an increase of 32% from 2006). In 2008 that number soared to 1,801,000 visitors.

In his yearend report Dr. Sapta Nirwandar, the Deputy Minister of Marketing of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, notes that the average spending per capita of visitors also increased significantly in 2008. In 2007, average spending per capita of visitors was US$ 970.98 per visit, while in 2008 it had risen to US$1,178.54, illustrating an increase of 21.38%.

The Ministry report also showed that visitors from the European Union (EU), while fewer in total number than Asia Pacific residents, spend the longest time in Indonesia with an average of 17 days. Australians stay an average of 7 days and Asia Pacific tourists stay on average 4 days.

According to Dr. Nirwandar, there are a number of reasons that make the Indonesian archipelago a trendsetting destination for holidaymakers from around the globe: “Indonesia offers an attractive visitor equation of low cost to high quality service, and has an exotic mix of breathtaking nature, pristine tropical beaches and fascinating cultural destinations spread over 17,500 islands. In addition, it offers shopping at great value for money and a large variety of sporting activities from golfing to diving to surfing, all in a familyfriendly atmosphere.”

Inspired by promotional efforts undertaken in Visit Indonesia Year 2008, many tourists accepted the invitation for Indonesian island hopping and visited Bali’s neighbouring atolls. Java has proven to be a draw for visitors with its unique volcanic landscape and the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Lombok, Bali’s ‘little sister island’ is also luring travellers with its picturesque beaches and largely untouched tropical nature, making it a haven for visitors wanting rest and relaxation, as well as for divers and snorkellers who explore its sheltered Gili islands.

Lombok’s further development for tourism is imminent. Recently, a contract was signed with project developer Emaar of Dubai to build a $US600 million holiday resort in the south of the island. A new international airport is also being constructed in Lombok and should be inaugurated in 2010.

The coming year is showing positive signs too, with the global financial crisis having minimal impact on Indonesia as yet. The number of holidaymakers from the USA, who were first to be hit by the recession, has even risen significantly during the past year.

Improved flight connections with carriers such as Garuds and AirAsia have also helped to further Indonesia’s growing tourism arrivals.

Says Dr. Nirwandar, “Because of Indonesia’s wide mix of destinations and products, as well as the attractive relation of costtoservice, we are realistically predicting continued growth in the tourism sector in 2009, putting Indonesia on the winner’s side in the southeast Asian market.”

Follow the link for the table of Visitor Numbers
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Indonesia celebrates its best year ever for tourism arrivals
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