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 Power cuts

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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: Power cuts   Power cuts Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2009 4:55 pm

Curious how you all cope with the constant power cuts. Down in Kuta they are daily, is it the same up in Senggigi and surrounds?

Do you have generators?

If not, at night do you use candles? rechargeable lamps? Fishermans lamps? - What about your fridges?
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Lombok Lover

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PostSubject: power cuts   Power cuts Icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2009 2:25 am

Here in Ampenan it,s a littlebit better than in Kuta.It,s not daily but let,s say on an average of 2 times a week.Sometimes more,sometimes less.We still haven't bought a generator but we intend to do so.In the guestrooms and in our house we use emergencylamps.But if it takes more than 3 hours we must use candles.We also have Petromax(fisherman)lamps that we use outside.About the fridges.Normally the powercuts are not longer than 3 hours so it,s no problem for the food inside the fridges.
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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: Re: Power cuts   Power cuts Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2009 4:35 pm

I thought after all these years you would be used to it Gemma? I must say, the power cuts seemed to go longer when I was in Lombok in October. When I was living there the power went off almost every day during the day, and maybe 2-3 times a week just after Magrib. We avoided opening the fridge when the power was off and if you can leave it closed the food will stay cold/frozen for hours. Sometimes I wonder if it is ever going to improve in Lombok, or if perhaps other parts of the world will become more like Lombok as demands for energy outstrip the ability for governments to provide it at an acceptable cost.

Personally, I found the water cuts more frustrating. I can cope with no power, but hate it when there is no water. Even worse when it runs out in the middle of a mandi.
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PostSubject: Re: Power cuts   Power cuts Icon_minitime

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Power cuts
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