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 First Police Pull

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PostSubject: First Police Pull   First Police Pull Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2008 10:53 pm

I got my first ever police pull in 11 years in Indonesia, for a driving violation today. I always say on forums how I have never been subjected to police corruption... and have to say even after today that I wasn't.

I was rushing to pick Martin up from school, having spent longer at the printers than expected. I was trying to make the traffic light before it changed but couldnt so braked and was the first in line at the lights. However I was stopped on a zebra crossing.

The policeman who stopped me and asked me to pull in and come to the office was kind enough to understand my predicament that I had to collect my son from school, and kept my car papers as security till I returned.

They explained I would have to go to Denpasar to pay the fine and collect my paper.... when I asked if I could send someone to collect it for me they said I could pay there and then if I didnt have time I was execting it to go straight in their pockets but they showed me the charts with rates for various fines and a private car stoped on crossing/road markings was Rp46,000. I gave them Rp50,000 (nobody had change) and I got a receipt/ paper with all the details on, without asking for one!

Someone else having been stopped might see this as police corruption but I see it as I was wrong, I was stopped and I paid a fine. I will be more careful in future.

Well as Made said to me I asked for it.... and I quite literally did. A freind and I were commenting at the weekend how we have never been stopped and we both said how we were actually wanting to get stopped and see what happened as we both have all our papers in order - wonder if she will get what she wanted too!
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First Police Pull
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