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 BTF expelled me for advertising!

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BTF expelled me for advertising!   Empty
PostSubject: BTF expelled me for advertising!    BTF expelled me for advertising!   Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 7:17 pm

hey guys, Just so you know I've been expelled from the BTF. Crying or Very sad

Posted this today and Ken didn't like it so he removed it and I no longer have the ability to post!

Posting this as a warning to others....................

Don't expect this post to stay long but received an email from Ken telling me not to advertise on the BTF.

I questioned it as I had no idea what Ken was on about and he replied
"You answered "Knock off the no spam and email me and I will give you a great suggestion" to a question about accommodation in Sanur.

Unfortunately this is often done by people to avoid direct advertising on the forum. If you really just want to suggest some accommodations, why don't you do so directly on the forum?"

So I replied; "Ken again thanks for your prompt reply.

But now I'm totally confused. As you are aware I've been around on this forum for a good few years now and I thought we weren't allowed to mention other villas due to the hosting of the site is another villa group.

We again have no interest and stayed for the first time this year in a private Villa - Villa Bumi Ayu in Sanur so wanted to share that info but in all sincerity I thought we weren't allowed to mention other villas???

Again look forward to your response"

To which he replied: "Correct, do not promote other villas through the forum; neither directly on the forum nor indirectly through emails to participants of the forum."

So I guess my question is why am I told off for discretely suggesting accommodation (to which I have no gain financial or otherwise) which is done far more openly on forum daily?? And there are others that openly promote their businesses and friends businesses...........

Pea-ed off definitely!

So I guess I'll be moving to other forums; there are heaps! confused
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BTF expelled me for advertising!
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