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 Observer Lombok article

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Lombok Virgin

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PostSubject: Observer Lombok article   Mon May 16, 2011 5:31 am

Big splash in Observer of UK today.

Let down by errors including getting the name of her hotel (Qunci) wrong, she complains about ac smelling of urine.

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Lombok Soulmate

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PostSubject: Re: Observer Lombok article   Mon May 16, 2011 11:36 am

I dont much like the style of writing and as you say quite a few facts are wrong including one fairly important one - about the mosques broadcasting the call to prayer from 4.30am until breakfast! It's usually only about 10 minutes!
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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: Re: Observer Lombok article   Tue May 17, 2011 3:21 am

You know, reading that article, I'm not actually convinced the writer has ever stepped foot in Lombok. It is all over the place - it just doesn't ring true. It is like it has been gleaned by studying various travel blogs, lonely planet & trip advisor, etc. Even the itinerary is weird - zig-zagging back and forth over the same ground from hotel to hotel. Surprising negativity on Qunci, no comment at all on Cocotinos (probably couldn't find a write-up about it to borrow from). And what bar does live music between Mangsit and Klui? Must be new in the last 12 months.. and the corn on the cob is between Senggigi and Karandangan, there is none between Mangsit and Klui. I've never once seen a 'baby running naked through a puddle' in a rice field. What imaginary poppycock. And what market was that where she walked through the market (a full market including meat stalls, so not your average once a weeker), then a fishing village, and then got on a boat to the Gili? Doesn't sound like Bangsal to me.
I could go on picking it to pieces.

I once saw a movie filmed in my home town. I was fascinated how they had a chase scene going through a part of town I knew very well, and how they cut and spliced the film so that they entered a street and came out in another street that was at least 3 kms away - but in the movie it was the same street. This article just reminds me of that.

Dreadful, cringing writing style too. Hopefully that puts enough people off in the first paragraph to not read the remaining rubbish.
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PostSubject: Re: Observer Lombok article   

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Observer Lombok article
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