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 Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities

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Lombok Virgin

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PostSubject: Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities   Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:51 pm

So I'm a newby to this forum but it already looks like a promising place to find some answers in my seemingly endless (and ever growing) quest for information! study

I am 24, live in Perth, Western Austalia and recently returned from a two month trip to Indo. Two months was certainly not enough, I simply fell in love with the place, the people and the culture. I have many local friends and some expat acquaintences. I'm now intending to jump ship and make the move over there 'indefinately' (i.e. I dont want to put a limit on how long I stay).

My ideal job would be as an English teacher, I have a double degree bachelor in arts and psychology with class 2A Honours in psychology. I am about to start a cert IV TESOL which should take a few months to complete. My experience working with children however is extensive through both volunteer work and also as part of my university degree requirements. My Psych major was in Developmental Psych and my Honours thesis focused on elements of cognitive development and required proficiency in the administration and scoring of cog tests to children.
In saying this, I am a currently a restaurant manager with 6 years managerial experience in Australia and have run my own cafe. So really I could do anything if nothing comes up for teaching.

While I would be happy to live and work anywhere in Indonesia (I am in the process of applying at schools regardless of the location), I would love to live in Lombok (or Gili Trawangan if at all possible - this doesn't seem too likely after extensive research!). The problem I am facing however is that there is either not alot out there in terms of work for an expat ESL teacher in Lombok, or it just isn't available on the internet. So I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that someone here can point me in the right direction/provide some much needed information!

Apologies for the essay, but thank you for reading and for responses in advance! Very Happy

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Lombok Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities   Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:59 am

A on your essay teach. I don't have much for you...but. I will move to Kuta with my wife and 2 young sons in 1 yr or so. She's Sasak and I'm a yank. Would love it if you could start up an international school in the area. Longshot as well I know. Several ex-pat/mix families with no where but Mataram/Sengigi for that type of school. It would be quite an undertaking but I would support it.
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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: Re: Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities   Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:19 am

Hi Skyte, welcome to lombok lovers. Have you contacted the international school in Lombok, Nusa Alam? They teach in both Indonesian and English. I know that they do contract teachers every year, although I think maybe only qualified teachers - so not just to teach English. Still, it might be a good place to start to get to know the academic community.

Having lived in Lombok with my Sasak husband, I can tell you that finding work there is going to be pretty tough. Most expats I know who work didn't go there and find a job - they were there because their job sent them there. Otherwise they had started their own business which was successful enough to support them. OR they live outside of Lombok for half the year to work and make money, and then live in Lombok without the hassle of working for the remainder of the year. Some work online, and a few lucky individuals who have enough money and investments not to need to work. I also met some working for NGOs, but again, they were mostly recruited outside of Indonesia.

If you have spent time there you know that a good percentage of the local population are unemployed or barely work enough to survive. The government, rightly so, makes it difficult for anyone other than an Indonesian to work in Indonesia. There are plenty of Indonesians capable of managing a cafe or restaurant, or running a hotel - there is no need to get foreigners to do that, and so you will rarely see anyone other than an owner doing that sort of work in Indonesia - and even then, not often as the visa situation is tricky.

My advice to you is to work long enough in Perth to save enough money to last you 6-8 months - go and don't stress too much about finding work, but keep your ear to the ground for opportunities. When the money runs out, hop on a plane and go back to Perth and make some more (thanks to Air Asia that is pretty cheap to do these days). I've lived in Perth for many years, and worked in hospitality for quite some of that in the past. Years ago when I lived on Rottnest island, quite a few of the staff at the hotel and the lodge worked the summer there and spent the rest of the year in Lombok and Indonesia surfing and having fun. Hospitality is good like that - not great money but flexible and seasonal. I have to admit that was a pretty good life - best of both worlds really.

After a couple of years of doing that, you will know more about everything, and will likely have found some way to live the life you want.
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Lombok Virgin

Number of posts : 2
Location : Western Australia
Registration date : 2011-02-21

PostSubject: Re: Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities   Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:00 am

Tom: If it were at all in my capabilities to start up a school I would Smile But with no teaching experience (a frustrating catch 22 for a fresh uni graduate - everyone wants to hire someone with experience, but having been so focused on uni for 6 years the opportunities to gain the amount of experience often requried is limited!), it is proving difficult enough to find a position in an already established school haha but I am learning an awful lot from this process so I'm still optimistic, getting ready to move countries, I'm learning Indonesian, searching for work etc it is all pretty exciting!

Best of luck to your family when you do move to Lombok Smile

And Freogirl: yes I have been in touch with Nusa Alam and now have a much better insight into the process of hiring teachers and what is requried than I did before which is great. Thank you for your advice and words of wisdom too! It has not gone astray Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities   

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Excited to make the move, daunted by the formalities
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