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 Fishing Trip Video

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PostSubject: Fishing Trip Video   Fishing Trip Video Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 12:46 pm

Please watch this awesome video made by Mark Lukach of the first fishing trip in our new boat - A Shore Thing.

Unfortunately the forum does not support the site it is hosted on so you will need to follow the link. Well worth it though.

A Shore Thing - Fishing Video

And here is an excerpt from Mark & Giulia's Blog about their stay at Mimpi Manis.

Nice Dreams

So technically, “Mimpi Manis” translates to Sweet Dreams, but that makes it sound like we’re heading to bed. Which we’re not. Instead, we’re just experiencing nice dreams, but in real life. So that’s what the post is called. Nice Dreams…in a fishing boat, in Kuta, with friends.

We stayed at the Mimpi Manis homestay in Kuta, Lombok, and loved the place immediately. Gemma and Made, the British/Balinese family who runs the place, made us feel welcome right off the bat. We were quick to run into one of our two neighbors, a young Austrian traveler named Marlon. We ended up hanging out with Marlon almost our entire time in Kuta. His roommate, Martin, joined us after a few days, since he was exploring Lombok’s coastline when we arrived.

Check that. There were four guests at Mimpi Manis while we were there (they only have three rooms, hence the almost familial intimacy), and they were named Marlon, Martin, Mark, and Giulia. I felt like changing Giulia’s name to Mary, or Martina, or Margaret, just so she could keep up with the “Mar” trend.

The friendships we forged in only 5 days were exceptional. Marlon and Martin epitomized the easy-going spirit that we have come to admire so much. I’ll admit, the fact that our friendship was founded on a common interest in hunting down the gorgeous waves along the southern coast probably didn’t hurt.

The day before Marlon’s twentieth birthday (what a brave thing to do! Turn 20 by yourself in a foreign country! I’m not sure I could have done that…), we chartered Made’s fishing boat and trolled for tuna and barracuda. I typically look toward the waves when I’m by the ocean, and I really enjoyed the altered perspective of sitting on a boat, well beyond the breakers, with our eyes on the horizon for signs of swimming fish.

Unfortunately, we didn’t hook any big ones. But we did spend hours fishing for bottom-feeding fish, which is fantastic in its quaintness. You hook a shrimp, attached it to a weight, and drop the line overboard. When you feel a tug, you pull the line in by hand. It lead to lots of tangling and untangling, but also a few dozen fresh fish that we cooked up for Marlon’s birthday dinner. Even though it was the night before.

Gemma, Made, Marlon, Martin, and little Martin (Gemma and Made’s son) made our Kuta experience one of the highlights of our time in Indonesia. The place is stunning in its beauty, and Mimpi Manis best encapsulated what we have love about traveling: tranquility, wise companions, and fun.

Thanks Gemma and Made for providing such generous hospitality, and for Marlon and Martin for being our first real travel buddies. We hope to be able to connect somewhere again along our travels, maybe where the road meets the sun.

See the full blog here - Where the road meets the sun
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PostSubject: Video well worth the watch   Fishing Trip Video Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 9:57 pm

I watched it through Face Book. Thanks for sharing but it make me sad that although our trip is 99% booked we're not coming to Lombok. Maybe next year.

We're doing 9 nights Kuta Bali, then Nusa Lembogan for two nights then to Sanur for a glorious 14....................14+2+9 = a super trip!!!!
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Fishing Trip Video
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