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Lombok Looney

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PostSubject: From Our Guest Book   From Our Guest Book Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 10:44 am

It has been a busy few months at Mimpi Manis and a while since I added any entries from our guest book to LL. But for those of you thinking of staying with us here are some comments.

Jenna Via & Daniel Juday - California

Thank so much for helping to make our stay ub Lombok so memorable! We had a great time fishing!! Your place is great! Wonderful food, staff & accommodation! By far the best place to stay in Lombok! Thanks again!

You are a smooth operator!! We had such a great stay we wish we could stay twice as long. I really enjoyed the fishing trips and really appreciate you loaning us your gear. I will see you again.

Eunice Ching - Canada

Dear Mimpi Manis, had a great time here! Mimpi Manis is a great place to stay. You guys are super nice! The bike served us well and thanks for making the best meal that I will ever eat in Indonesia! terima kasih.
Eunice & Per


Lone Layasa & Patrice Parent - Ottawa, Canada

This has been a wonderful stay! Thank you Made for your great hospitality and all your help! We have had a great time in Lombok and would come back again. Also many thanks to the wonderful staff who make the best pancake in the world. They were so nice to us. Merci et a la prochine.
Lone & Patrice

Stuart Smith & Emma Ovenstone - Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

What can you say about the place, in our heart it is just great. The food is cool, the rooms are fantastic but most of all the atmosphere makes your stay here. Made and all of his staff make you feel welcome & part of his family. if you need advice he is the man to ask, for surf, fishing or local facts. We think that all people who travel should experience a place like this. Thank you so much guys for making our stay memorable. Welsh love & hugs
Stuart & Emma

Of course Panther is a legend also.


Abbey & Will - Salt Lake City, USA

We wish our time here lasted for another few weeks so we could spend more time chilling out with our wonderful freinds at Mimpi Manis. I had such a positive feeling uopn coming to Lombok that Mimpi manis was exactly what we were looking for - a chance to connect with pepole who live and work here. Through Made we met many locals ie the police guy Andre who we enjoyed chatting with uder a tree at the beach. Our fishing trip was outstanding and Made is quite a skilled fisherman. We will come back one day.


Alex - Germany (student in Bali)

Dear Mimpi Manis Crew, I have been the first time on Lombok never checked out another place but I thnk Mimpi manis is one of the best places to stay. Thank you ver much for the nice time in Kuta Lombok. Hopefully the place will not change too fast to a Kuta like Bali. On my next surf trip I will for sure come back to your place. Thanks


Paddy, Max Daniel - Germany & Andre - Austria

Selamat Pagi Made. Thanks for your support over the last few days! We had such a wonderful time staying at your place thanks to you and your staff. Breakfast was awsome! We had a great time surfing around Kuta. Great that you got up every morning at 6am to open the front gate so that we could hit the waves. Perfect stay. Not more to add!! Terma kasih.


Jeanna Waples - Boulder, USA

I love Lombok, definitely want to come back. Everyone was so nice. A guy even brought me home one night, stopped in the road and picked me up, wouldnt even let me pay him. Since I was alone the music was a little loud at night but I had a wonderful time. Andy my driver was terrific.


Sarah & James - UK

We really enjoyed our stay at Mimpi manis, it is by far the friendliest guest house we have visited in 2 months of travelling. Made goes out of his way to make you feel as welcomed as possible. We would love to return to Kuta and its beautiful beaches in the future. Thank you for the warm welcome.
Sarah & James


Mark Berger - California

Thanks for everything. I had a really relaxed time and lots of fun. Keep workign hard and having fun. I cant wait to make it back for some more surf and large Bintangs.


Alex Madera * Alanna Tameta - California

Than you for making our stay here unforgettable. Your kind hospitality and wonderful service made Alex & I feel comfortable and at home here in Kuta. From your tours of the best beaches and surf spots to the spectacular home cooking (especially the yummy panckaes at breakfast and the best "chips" in the world!!!) made you are truly the greatest host (and patient teacher ie fishing & motorbike riding) We will let our freinds n Cali know that Mimpi Manis is the palce to go to experience Kuta at its finest. We know our travels (esp Alex's surfing habit) will bring us back here again.....that or our honeymoon Wink Til we meet again! Terima kasih.


Jesse Palor - Montreal

Mimpi manis was a breath of fresh air. Thank you made for everything you were a great host. I had some great days in the water and only wish I could have stayed longer to go fishing and exploring. Next time I will be sure to stay longer. Thanks again for the hospitality good times.


Peter - Canada & Zifia - Norway

We had a great time in Kuta - some of the most beautiful and empty beaches we have ever seen! We hope that with the planned development in the coming years that the area manages to retain most of its unspoilt beauty. Terima kasih.
Peter & Zifia


More to follow later sunny

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Lombok Looney

Number of posts : 591
Location : Kuta Lombok / Jimbaran Bali
Registration date : 2008-07-01

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PostSubject: Re: From Our Guest Book   From Our Guest Book Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2008 12:16 pm

Ulf, Nora & Lena - Austria.

Staying 5 days and nights with you wasn't simply a matter of service - it was a matter of the heart. Thank you Made, Wayan & Ipor for the wonderful days - we had without any doubt, the best days of our journey!

Terima kasih batur.


Darren & Cheralyn Frizzell - Vancover, B.C

Thanks Made & staff for a fantastic 5 days! We met some great people at your homestay and we enjoyed the amazing beaches! The fish dinner was incredible! If we ever make our way back, we will be staying here! Have a great rest of the season!


Jon Chapman - New York

Selamat Jalan batur - August 2008.

Made the last month here with you Ipor & Wayan has been more than fun. I can't say enough to show you my thanks & I hope that next year it will be repeated.

Sampai jumpa nanti batur.


Ben Chapman - New York

Dear Mimpi Family

Thank you sincerely for sharing the love on this my third and best stay at your home.

Love & best wishes Ben


Nikki Thompson & Carlos Kennedy - Hawaii

We stayed at Mimpi Manis for 6 days and it was by far one of our best stays in Indonesia. So comfortable it was ahrd to leave. Made, Gemma, Ipor & Wayan could not have been more welcoming. We are looking forward to coming back soon. Nikki


Cont - 3 weeks later

Went to Flores to see the Komodo dragons and Kelimutu. Came back through dusty Sumbawa to find a little oasis at Mimpi Manis. Eight days here caught good waves at Mawi & destert Point - stoked! Back to Bali again but will be coming back. Aloha. Carlos.


Janet Jager & Etienne Donick - Amsterdam

Arriving at Mimpi manis was like taking a warm bath. We felt very welcome. Thank you for the dinner party. It was ncie to hear a bit about the history of this magnificent place. Good luck for the future!


Lizzy Swann

Thank you ver much for the warm welcome and the freindly hospitality. I had a very relaxing stay, that was longer than expected. Sad to be leaving you and the surf but all good things come to an end.

All the best Lizzy

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Lombok Looney

Number of posts : 591
Location : Kuta Lombok / Jimbaran Bali
Registration date : 2008-07-01

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PostSubject: Re: From Our Guest Book   From Our Guest Book Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 10:32 pm

Helena & Petr Nehasilovi - Czech Republic

The kind of place you're always looking for while travelling. One of the best places we stayed in Indonesia and I think THE BEST FOOD we had - we fell in love with fried pineapples Very Happy TRy the chicken curry too.

Thank you ver much for your hospitality.


Anya & Michael Warendorf, Germany

Having been travelling for quite some months, in different asiain countries, the award for most welcoming, warm, family, friendly, modern, (DVD!).... well the best ?????(sorry counldnt read this) of a homestay... goes to "MIMPI MANIS"

Thanks again for making our stay in Kuta, Lombok so special & enjoyable. We'll be hopefully bac soon to catch some fishes in the beautiful ocean.

Ian Morgan & Claire watson - Tasmania

A very relaxing stay at what is truly a beautiful location. Made & his staff are very welcoming and make you feel at home. Renting a motorbie is a great way to see the island and its freindly people. All in all a very enjoyable stay.

Thank you also for your valuable local advice: Dont miss the "beautiful beach" and Ashtari - both spectacular! Very Happy

Elias Koulouves - Dusseldorf, Germany

Hey Madey! Prepare yourself for the day someone marries Wayan, because she does a very good job in making you feel at home and is also very pretty, while doing so.

I also thank you for taing me in as if I was adopted and spending quality time with you, Gemma & Martin.

Hopefully your son grows prooud & strng to carry your legacy on.

Definitely the most welcoming guesthouse in Asia in my 6 years of travelling!

Blake Bettiss - Saltspring, Canada

Thanks to you Made for having us Best place to stay so far on this trip. Good luck with everything.


Thanks for making out Lombok experience very genuine. I hope to come back. I will send others in your direction. Take care and good luck.
Ozer- Toss


Willy Egland - Canada

The saty here has been a real asset to our time here. Thanks for the fishing and the food & the company. Mimpi Manis is like a home and has made our Kuta, Lombok trip.

Remo Debie

Thanks Made, for the great hospitality, you really made our stay! When I'm back in Switzerland I'll practise chess 24/7 and next time I'm here I'll beat you! Take care man!

Zak Turcinovic

THis was simply the best stay so far in Indonesia and I dont think that's gonna change! Thank you Made for the great time I had here, for your amazingly large DVD collection during the rainy days and the Nasi Goreng Special & Bintang! We had a lot of fun with you. Take care man and dont forget to practise that trick!

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Lombok Looney

Number of posts : 591
Location : Kuta Lombok / Jimbaran Bali
Registration date : 2008-07-01

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PostSubject: Re: From Our Guest Book   From Our Guest Book Icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 11:27 am

Max & Marianna
Thank u for these grate time we could spend here! We felt at home! And we feel really lucky yo been in here… This place is special!
We will have nice memories from Kuta Lombok also of u guys… Treating us like family with nice warm energy.
Thank u Made and thanks to ur staff.


Justin & Charlie
Thanks Made for all your help and for the great food and accommodation. In the month wew have been in Indo you and your place has definitely been the most comfortable and friendly. Good luck in the future & see you next time.


Jack Dixon - Sydney
Thank you so much for being such a kind & hospitable bunch of hosts for us. The place here is pimping & just a stone’s throw from some incredibly fun surf breaks. The power outages were good fun & the fireworks on our last night were amazing! Very Happy Hope to see you again.


Michael Franzen – Germany
Yeah Bro, Good times in Lombok. Heaps of good DVDs and good food. Thanks for everything Made & your crew.


Wyste & Lana – Amsterdam
Please stay as Kuta Lombok and don’t become like the other places!
We have loved it here. The boys should practice 4 in a row more often though! Thanks for everything. All the best and maybe (hopefully) we’ll meet again.


Matt & Cari- San Francisco
Dear Made Wayan & Maishon,
What a wonderful staff & wonderful place. We were so happy to spend a week in your house- a great place to relax inbetween surfing and enjoying Kuta Lomboks beautiful nature. Thank you so much. Terima kasih banyak.


Martin & Jusa – Helsinki
Dear Mimpi Manis
Big Makasi to you all!! You were our first experience on this island and we are glad for that. Thumbs uo for the kitchen crew (we’re really down with your food, especially the banana pancakes!) & Made who introduced us to the surf people and two great bikes =) We hope you all the best.

Ashley & Ian – Canada
We’re so glad we found Mimpi Manis online & were able to spoil ourselves with your house! It was fantastic! Thanks for the great late night talks, the free DVDs and of course the chicken curry! Take Care.


Helen & Juan Carlos – USA
I wish I had found out about Mimpi Manis before, so we could have come to stay straight away without spending any time in Senggigi. Made was very helpful and kind. He made us feel at home and helped us to find transportation to visit some smashing beaches. We’ll be back for sure & tell our own friends about it.


Oleg Papsouev & Anna Li – Moscow
Many thanx to Made & whole Mimpi Manis team for their hospitality. It was the warmest company we have ever stayed with. We are sure we have made some friends as well. We are more than ever to come back to Lombok again to stay at Mimpi Manis. We will carry those “sweet dreams” with us through the following year. For sure that’s the best place to stay in Lombok, even though we haven’t checked out the others. Guys you are OTT!!!


Viktoskie - Sweden
Thank you so much for your hospitality & kindness and friendliness! Mimpi Manis is a wonderful place and so is Kuta. I loved staying in the little house it is lovely! Kind regards and see you next time.


Tessa Schiebroek – Nuenen
Very nice people welcoming us!! Thanks for the drink.


Marinus Van Dalen – San Francisco & Rommel Gaspar – Phillipines
Mimpi Manis is the reasonable price in Kuta. Everybody of their staff is friendly and it is easy to get along with. We hope that next year we can spend another round of holiday in your lovely house. More power!


Zsiga Philippe – France
A great pleasure to stay here. Very friendly losmen & staff, great food (pelecing ayam - miam miam!!) PERFECT ROOM. I will come back in October. Thank you very much for everything.


Jon & Sophia – London
A big thank you to Made & the wonderful Wayan for looking after us so well and for all your smiles. We came for one night and stayed for six!! It’s been great.


Maurizo & Camilla – Rome
A really nice stay. Next time the barracuda will be mine!!
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From Our Guest Book
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