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PostSubject: JBR ..................3   JBR ..................3 Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 9:24 pm


In my excitement of winning a prize forgot to tell you about the tailor. We have been using her for years. Sheís next door the Duckís Nutz! Name escapes me right this second. But weíve taken sonís trousers to her and asked for an exact copy which will be Rp 175,000 and two pairs of soccer shorts to be made extra long (as heís soo tall) 300,00 for the two. Then got his referring shorts lengthen at the waist so not to damage the emblems etc and that cost Rp 30,000 and you can barely see where itís been done!

Rp 8740

Up early but itís raining; oh no that means we canít ride to breakfast; Iím devastated; no riding today! Yippy a reprieve!

We Taxi down Rp 10,000 to Natel Bale and have breakfast there Rp 145,000 taxi back Rp 12,000 then relaxing till collected to go and fetch our prize!

Well we are collected and off we go. When we get into the vehicle he starts talking about Royal (I whisper to hubby I am far from impressed. Royal is that bloody company that are connected with the time share give aways that we spend our life in Kuta avoiding!) Hubby said donít stress weíll go hear what itís all about and Iím telling you now it AUD $25,000.
So I am far from happy if they had been upfront and told us we had to listen to the time share spiel I wouldnít have minded but they kept that a secret. I just donít like being lied to. How did we get involved I entered a completion in my friends restaurant and apparently I was the weekly winner.

We were told when we arrived at Royal HQís that we would only be an hour. Nearly 3 hours later we were dropped back at our hotel. Yep they wanted AUD $25,00) but a discount if we pay today! They really tried the hard sell! Unbelievable but we got our free prizes. If I pay US $100 we get one weeks free accommodation to be used within the next two years. Donít know! Will think about it! And we received a voucher for the Lotus Pond in Sanur Rp 200,000.

If they had been upfront I wouldnít have minded but again I just donít like being lied to! What did we loss a few hours of our holiday and we learnt a lesson now that people are refusing to take the time share cards on the street they are tricking people into seeing the options other ways! Lesson learnt!

Lunch on the beach at Warung next door to hotel Rp 260,000. Son ready to chew own arms off he was soo hungry!

Swam late in the pool then off out to an old favourite to have fresh tuna for dinner. Annual affair Rp 290,000. Tuna was delicious! Always is! Drinks at Kity later and early night.

More later for those that are interested. Thanks for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: JBR ..................3   JBR ..................3 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 10:44 am

A friend of mine uses the same tailor and has recommended them for me but its a bit far out.
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