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 JBR 1 follows HNR 17

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PostSubject: JBR 1 follows HNR 17   Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:02 pm

JBR............................1 add on to HNR 17

Ok…………well you’ll have to excuse the break between reports but we are now home and I have the final 10 days to report on which I intend to make a start on now. Been shamed into it by Stormy! If she hadn’t asked me to complete I probably won’t have! So thanks for the motivation!

Just to recap we are on day 18 of our 28 day trip and day 4 of our stay in Sanur.

Up later than normal and rode (yep that’s right I rode all the way and back) right as you come out of the hotel (south I suppose) and ate breakfast at a tiny little Warung called Sanur Bay Dive Area. Rp 90,000 for the three of us!

Back to the room we have a problem with our internet so back to Ronalds to fix the modem and collect my laundry! Mr 14 played online for a bit at Ronald’s Internet Café (after booking diving for tomorrow) while hubby and I went to hardy’s for supplies. Rp 65,000. Back to hotel to relax for a bit, after hubby had a hair and beard trim Rp 85,00 at Chic then off out to Mangoes on the beach for lunch. Very unimpressed actually!!! Worst lime juice I’ve ever had and it was actually undrinkable! Food left a lot to be desired to!!! Rp 325,000. Went to Kity shop (her actually shop not her brothers shop where we find her most evenings) she’s right down the back on the right hand side behind Tootsie in the markets! Picked up some singlets 5 x Rp 25,000 for a friend’s son and three pair of trousers for me Rp 50,000 x 3 and then ordered a whole heap of long sleaved t-shirts for hubby and son.

Taxi back to the hotel Rp 12,000 and spent the afternoon by the pool. Taxi down to Massimo’s for dinner Rp 290,000; fabulous pasta and pizzas but we all know that!!! Wasn’t overly impressed that we weren’t asked about smoking and non smoking but ended up right in the middle of non smoking as we left heard people being offered the choice. Will make sure we chose upon arrival next time!

Back to Ronalds to collect modem; all is now fine! Then off to Kity’s to met a very nice Romanian/German Lady Inggy (please excuse my spelling of your name if you happen to read this) drinks Rp 50.000 then headed back to hotel early night maybe Mum’s getting sick!! Nose is starting to run!

On arrival back at hotel Mum’s spots a huge gecko. Looks more like an Australian bob tail (blue tongue lizard) whatever you want to call it but all I know is that he’s beady eyes are watching me while I am in the bathroom and I really do not want to share our hotel with “George”. Son dragged in to rescue me but of course George never showed his face when anyone else was there to see. I told George that I don’t care what time of the day or night it was if he started with his Gecko noise during the night I would be ringing reception and demanding that the whole place was fumigated. survice to say George kept a low profile when I was around! As far as I know he’s still in the bathroom of 135 hiding behind the wardrobe thingy!
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PostSubject: Re: JBR 1 follows HNR 17   Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:40 am

George would have been keeping the mozzies away - I love having geckos in the house - except for the poo of course!
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JBR 1 follows HNR 17
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